Brett Lemay Biography

I’ve been told I am fun, and charming, but can be a bit of a wise guy.

I am a prairie boy that moved to the West Coast where I presently live on a small off-grid island with my chicken Delilah. I graduated from Film School, Theatre School, and a University Drama Dept., and have had experience in many areas of theatre, film, and TV, and am always looking for my next experience.

I like films, live theatre, art, concerts, and cheese. I enjoy pubbing, adventuring, trying to cook fancy things, the ocean, boats, and haven’t gotten over how cool dinosaurs are. I have an affinity for hot-tubs and Anna Kendrick, not necessarily together, though that would be a dream come true. I’m one of those guys that is not hard to shop for at Christmas; If it twirls or lights up, I’ll probably like it. Except for things that beep. I hate things that beep.

I am fun, energetic, and often the life of the party, but I am serious about the craft of acting, and the world of the performing arts. I dabble in writing and directing and filmmaking and teaching. I enjoy digging into a dramatic role on stage, supporting a fun role on screen, or being the energetic adventurous host on TV.

I like telling stories.

I am a storyteller.

To see more normal blurbs about me, written in the third person, see below for my downloadable bios.